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HDR workshop

Shooting and Processing 
High Dynamic Range Images



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20120305-IMG 1182 HDR
20160410-IMG 1684 HDR
20130102-IMG 2085 HDR
20171121-IMG 7538 AuroraHDR2018-edit
20151020-IMG 6671 HDR-Edit
20181110- JLH6369 AuroraHDR2019-edit
20141227-IMG 0440 HDR
20121013-IMG 8628 HDR
20150311-IMG 2259 HDR
20180106-JLH 7679 HDR
20180507- JLH4632 HDR
20120809-IMG 4965 HDR
20160407-IMG 0545 HDR
20160417-IMG 5350 HDR
20140406-IMG 3550 HDR
20170911-IMG 5678 HDR
20190813- JLH2101 HDR
20190422- JLH6955 HDR
20190409- JLH5656 AuroraHDR2019-edit
20130103-IMG 2422 HDR

HDR is an amazing technique for capturing scenes with dynamic lighting, but so much of the work that is being produced looks overprocessed, grungy, and unnatural.

There's no reason your pictures need to look that way! HDR software tools have evolved to the point where just about anybody can capture and produce excellent looking tone-mapped images of dynamic lighting situations.

Spend an afternoon with me learning how to see, shoot, and process beautiful natural looking HDR images in this 4 hour online workshop.

We will cover:

  • Deciding which scenes require HDR capture
  • Setting up a camera for bracketed HDR shooting
  • Tone-mapping bracketed HDR sets with Aurora HDR, Lightroom, and Photoshop
  • Post-processing your tone-mapped images to create true HDR masterpieces.

Workshop participants will receive unlimited access to a video replay of the workshop, a full set of notes, and sample sets of bracketed images to use with the in-class demonstrations.

Like all Jeff Hirsch Photography classes and workshops, you can come back and watch the HDR Workshop video any time you want, as many times as you want. No subscription fees and no expiration dates



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