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Next Venice trip: TBD pending resolution of global COVID crisis

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Join us for eight days of pure photographic heaven!

Venice is a magical city without equal. It is a travel destination, which possesses an unmatched ability to leave visitors breathless with wonder. Its art, architecture, and rich history can be found in every building, square, and street. There is nothing quite like Venice anywhere else in the world and the experience compels its visitors to return again and again to savor the beauty known around the world as “La Serenissima”.

Salute as viewed from Accademia BridgeThe city itself is made up of dozens of smaller islands, each interconnected by a seemingly endless series of bridges and canals that serve as the main thoroughfares for people and goods throughout Venice. The entire city can be easily explored on foot or by boat with a new adventure awaiting you around every corner.

The vaporetto or “water bus” public transit system makes travel within the city incredibly easy. You will have a voucher for the week that grants you unlimited passage on any vaporetto. If you ever get tired of walking, take comfort in knowing that one of the many vaporetto stations is never far away and ready to return you to your hotel.

Our day typically begins and ends at the vaporetto station located directly across the street from our hotel on the nearby island of Lido. After a short ten-minute ride, we arrive in the city ready for a day of shooting, walking, and eating.

Not only will you have endless opportunities to take beautiful photos in and around the various islands of Venice, but each day, one of the city’s most well-known and respected guides, Luisella Romeo, will lead the way. Her enchanting descriptions and explanations of the politics, culture, art, architecture, and history, which have shaped Venice, will give you a much deeper understanding of everything you are seeing and photographing. This rich interpretive material will aid you in creating educated and informed photographs during Carnival and the days that follow.

0025 VeniceThe world famous Carnival of Venice is an annual festival that starts two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday (aka Fat Tuesday, Martedì Grasso, or Mardi Gras). Carnival, being a pre-Lent festival, means ‘farewell to meat’ and is celebrated throughout Italy. It was first held in Venice in the 11th century and consisted of over two months of revelry, until it fell into decline during the 18th century. It was revived in 1979 with great success and nowadays is a great excuse for anyone and everyone to don a mask and costume, parade around the city, and enjoy the live music in the main squares of the city. To be in Venice for Carnival is a picturesque adventure like no other that all photographers should experience at least once in their lifetime.

0032 VeniceDuring Carnival, fantastic costumes and masks are displayed all day and night in St. Mark’s Square, making Venice the perfect backdrop for amazing photographs. As a photographer, you have a unique opportunity to capture the magic of Carnival without limitations. Everywhere you go, opportunities arise to photograph intricately disguised Carnival goers- some of whom have spent a year in planning and as much as 10,000 euros to make elaborate and elegant costumes beyond your wildest imagination.

When you’ve had enough of the energetic crowds in St. Mark’s square, retreating to one of the smaller camps and quiet side streets provides a chance to encounter individuals or pairs walking along the bridges and canals that stitch together the magical city known as Venice. Everywhere you look, you will find subjects eager and willing to be photographed.

0013 VeniceOnce Carnival has ended, Venice empties out and we have free reign to enjoy its museums, cafes, and restaurants. We will also take time to explore the outlying islands of Murano (home of the world's greatest glassmakers), and of course colorful Burano.

Our home for the week will be the delightful Hotel Panorama located on the island of Lido, only a few minutes away from the heart of the city when traveling by boat.

We have been staying at this charming hotel for many years now and are treated as family. Each morning we convene in the breakfast room for a delicious and hearty meal to fuel our adventures for the day, and each evening a lavish view awaits your return.



Your guides:

Leading the trip will be photographer and teacher, Jeff Hirsch, who offers that rare combination of digital imaging expertise at the highest level matched with a deep passion for the art of travel and street photography. Jeff has a gift for “geek-to-English” translation that he uses to help make technology more accessible to all photographers. He has been mastering the art of digital imaging for more than thirty years and leading trips to beautiful locations for close to a decade.  


Our Venetian guide, Luisella Romeo, is an encyclopedia of knowledge about the history, art, architecture, politics, and landscape of Venice. She is consistently rated as one of the single best guides in Venice and after spending five minutes with her, you’ll know why. Her rich and textured knowledge will give meaning and insight to the photographs you make.  




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