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Natural HDR - Video Training

HDR is an amazing technique for capturing scenes with dynamic lighting, but so much of the work that is being produced looks overprocessed, grungy, and unnatural.

There's no reason your pictures need to look that way! HDR software tools have evolved to the point where just about anybody can capture and produce excellent looking tone-mapped images of dynamic lighting situations.

Learn how to see, shoot, and process beautiful natural looking HDR images in this 4 hour video training class.

We will cover:

  • Deciding which scenes require HDR capture
  • Setting up a camera for bracketed HDR shooting
  • Tone-mapping bracketed HDR sets with Aurora HDR, Nik HDR Efex, Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Post-processing your tone-mapped images to create true HDR masterpieces.

Purchase includes the following:

  • Four Hours Of Video Training
  • Complete Workshop Notes
  • Sample Bracketed Image Sets

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