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A watercolor rendering of the STL skyline

20200702 JLH5613 HDRThe Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge, which connects St. Louis, MO with East St. Louis, IL has been under construction for the last 18 months.

Because the bridge is closed to auto traffic and is easily accessible from either side of the river, it has become a favorite hot-spot for sunset pictures this summer as many local photographers have discovered the wonderful vantage point that can be gained by walking out on the bridge and looking back at the city from somewhere in the middle of the mighty Mississippi River.

20200702 JLH5864 HDRAfter seeing any number of great skyline shots in my friends’ facebook and instagram feeds, I knew I had to get out there and make my own captures while the bridge was still open to foot traffic and I had a chance to stand in such an amazing place to shoot.

When a fellow photographer phoned me up in late July to invite me out to photograph with him and some other friends, I jumped at the chance to do it. With masks in place, we walked out onto the bridge about 30 minutes before sunset and ended up staying for close to three hours watching and shooting as the light shifted from day to twilight to dusk to night as the city came alive with lights and nighttime colors.

Anne on the bridgeI’ve now been out to shoot from the bridge on a couple of different evenings including one that had a rapidly moving summer storm come through just after sunset. I have to say it was pretty magical and I plan to go back again soon!

I’ve shot the skyline from any number of vantage points over the years, including from the other bridges and from Malcom Martin park which sits directly across from the Arch on the Illinois side. but I have to say this is quickly becoming one of my favorite positions from which to shoot my home town.

It’s been so wonderful to see St. Louis from this beautiful and unique point of view. The bridge isn’t scheduled to re-open until some time in September, so I’m hoping to get out there for one or two more shooting opportunities.

opened.jpgUPDATE: I just got news from another photographer that the bridge has been re-opened. It's the end of a great photo opportunity and one I'm glad I jumped on when I had the chance.

Despite the fact that we have all been shooting from nearly identical positions along the south side of the bridge, I have seen so many different interpretations of the scene. It's always a treat to see how different people interpet the same scene.

Did you take any photographs on the MLK bridge this summer? I’d love to see them!
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